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The Marketing Solution Company
To become our partner email us at info@zielarzcorp.com
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We are a marketing and business consulting company located in Southern California that provides promotion and advertising services for free until we find clients for our partners. We are getting paid on negotiated commission and manufacturer reps agreement based on sales we bring to our partners. Our mission is your success!

Our company provides also business consulting services such as market and product research for companies independent of their size, large and small. We can state that our main business is to connect companies to establish successful, profitable relationships and giving them exposure to new products, technologies and strategic partnerships.

Our strength is that we operate on American and EU (European Union) markets. Being that the company was established mainly with partners from Poland, we became experts in that market. Please note though, that by knowing commerce regulations of all countries that are part of European Union, we can help in establishing relationships and partnership with many companies, all over Europe.

Our goal is to work with any company that is interested in promoting their business by utilizing our resources and knowledge. We are specializing also in e-marketing and  translation services for developing websites in many different languages.