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You probably wonder what the benefits of joining up with ZIELARZ Corporation are.
There are more than a few.
First of all we present you with the opportunity to develop business relationship with companies that have attractive, innovative products that you would otherwise never know about.
Secondly we help our partners to increase their sales without them looking for distribution channels or retail outlets.
Third and the most important benefit is that ZIELARZ Corporation will never charge you until the sale actually occurs and there is a contract between a buyer and a seller.
We work strictly on commission. Right now most of our partners are from Poland, but our goal is to put together partners both from the States and other EU countries.
The Marketing Solution Company
To become our partner email us at info@zielarzcorp.com
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Modern sportswear manufacturer from southern part of Poland. Company uses innovative nano technology process to produce clothes that are bold in its look and at the same time fiber is treated with silver ions to reduce growth of bacteria and look fresh and stay breathable.
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Leading Polish producer of exclusive lingerie in wide range of sizes, designed especially for ladies having problems with finding the right size because of their large breasts. This is the high end, attractive intimate wear.
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Wiza Artistic Ceramics is the most famous company, specialising in the production of Polish pottery decorated in characteristic way of the region.
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Galdrew specialized in marking natural wooden products (burning out, tampography), which are safe for your health and excellent advertising products for your company.
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